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All Hands On!

Brazilian Percussion Classes with CARLOS FERREIRA

This is your chance to learn percussion from Brazilian Master Drummer Carlos Ferreira. Born and bred in the Vila Isabel (a suburb in Rio de Janeiro known for being ‘heart of samba’). Carlos regularly parades with major Samba Schools in the famous Rio Carnival Parade and is a passionate, experienced teacher keen to share his percussion skills with you. Learn to master a wide range of Brazilian rhythms, experience Brazil’s rich culture and enjoy playing along with fellow percussion enthusiasts in a fun and friendly environment. Students may have the opportunity to be invited to join the MelSamba Bateria – The Samba Drums of Rio!

DRUMMING SKILLS: Suitable to all levels, from beginners to advanced.
KNOWLEDGE OF BRAZILIAN PERCUSSION: Suitable to beginners & Intermediate. For those who have both an advanced knowledge of Brazilian Percussion and advanced drumming skills, please contact us for GROUP ADVANCED and/or PRIVATE CLASSES.

The courses comprise of 1-hour classes run over a 6-week period (minimum of 5 students).
 Please contact us if you want to reserve a seat for our next course.

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